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OLC #3: Dear Michelle Williams

Open Letters to Celebrities #3

Dear Michelle Williams,
When did you suddenly get so gorgeous?  I mean, I grew up watching you on Dawson’s Creek like anyone who was aged 12-30 in the 90s.  You were cute and clearly talented, but at that time I was all about Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Sarah-Michelle-Gellar-and-David-Boreanaz-WHOA!* Years later, when the Greatest Showman came out, I went to see it with a friend and didn’t know who all was in it besides Hugh-Jackman-WHOA!  Then, when you stepped onto the screen, I was all like, “Wow, where did they find such a beautiful lady who can sing to play opposite Hugh-Jackman-WHOA!?”  Then after some squinting and studying, I realized it was you. And I was like, “Holy monkey, when did Michelle Williams get so beautiful and elegant and gorgeous?”  Then I came up with an epiphany.  I remembered this episode of the Rachel Ray show where one of those middle-aged studs (was it Clooney or Stamos?) made some mention of a fan saying that they belonged to a …

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