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With Great Outfits Come Great Responsibility*

          So, the sexy nurse took me out for an amazing Saturday filled with fancy seafood restaurants, the latest Marvel movie, and a kitty cafĂ©.  And of course, sexy nurse had to work in a stop to the local comic book shop**. On our way out of the shop, I notice the most amazing thing hanging on the wall:            For those of you not in the know, that is a picture of a Wonder Woman cape (DC  comics, not Marvel) .  I was intrigued from the moment I saw it.   I reached out my hand, and slipped my fingers beneath the plastic bag to gently caress the silky polyester fabric.  A thrill crept its way from my fingertips, up my arms and shoulders, and down through my spine.  That’s when I knew with a great certainty, more sure than my love of cats, that if given the opportunity I would wear this cape.          I already dress like a bit of a nut, so what would it hurt to throw on a superhero cape, right?  It would be perfect for all of my sleeveless outfits.***  But upon further

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