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OLC #4: Dear Nicolas Cage

Open Letter to Celebrities #4
Dear Nicolas Cage,
Hey there, Nicholas!  I just got done watching you in the Into the Spider-verse movie, and I must say BRAVO!  You totally nailed the part of Spider-Man Noir.  Admittedly, I have never been a fan in the past.  I blame it on an old college friend who wrote a story called “Nicholas Cage Sucks,” and she pointed out that your acting style can be a little over the top.* That may be true, but for the sake of animated features, it totally works.  I am going to IMDB right after I get done with this to see if you have any other animated movies that I don’t know about.   Also, have you ever thought of Broadway?  I would love to see you playing lead in Evil Dead the Musical or The Book of Mormon, but especially that first one.  If anyone besides Bruce Campbell could deliver that line “Hail to the king, baby,” it would have to be you.  Especially if you could do that lip curl/eyebrow lift thing that you do in all of your other movies, though it would a…

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